Welcome to our e-learning portal. On this page you will find a list of free, online e-learning modules designed to raise awareness of the armed forces community needs. You will be able to view individual courses, but not participate unless enrolled.
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Mental Health Awareness

This e-learning package is currently being reviewed. Find out more about mental health issues affecting our armed forces.

Carers Awareness

Find out more about the issues affecting carers in the armed forces community.

Course 3 (coming soon)

Don't forget to visit this page regularly to access new courses.

Course 4 (coming soon)

Don't forget to visit this page regularly to access new courses.

Other E-Learning

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E-learning programme to support improved care for serving personnel, veterans and their families

Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare, with support from NHS England, has launched an e-learning programme to help increase understanding of the armed forces population and facilitate improved care and treatment. The programme covers current serving personnel, veterans and their families.

Whilst many aspects of health need are the same as the general public, there are sometimes significant differences, particularly in relation to conditions attributable to service life and the impact upon families. These differences can be reflected in the way in which healthcare is delivered, the range and types of services provided and the long-term impact upon patients and families.

Health Education England

Highlighting both the similarities and differences to help health and social care personnel to understand the context of military life.