Distribution of forces

To aid with understanding of where links may be established there are some military sites. These may impact and be a source for Kent & Medway.


  • 11 Brigade (South East) - providing administration for the area
  • Royal Regiment of Artillery
  • 3 Prince of Wales Royal Regiment (Infantry) Battalion - Area HQ. C Company
  • Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical - 103 REME Battalion
  • Army Medical Services - Army Medical Reserves - 254 Medical Regiment - 220 Medical Squadron
  • Royal School of Military Engineering Regiment - 1 RSME Regiment, Professional Engineer Wing
  • 259 Field Squadron - 101 Engineering Regiment
  • 36 Regiment (Hybrid)

Royal Navy

  • Hawke Division (Medway) Reserve
  • The Royal Marines Reserve unit in London (joint training with Hawke Division)

Royal Air Force

  • Defence Fire Training and Development Centre Manston (previously RAF Manston)
  • Royal Navy (RN) ? in Kent and Medway
  • Royal Marines (RM) ? in Kent and Medway
  • Royal Air Force (RAF) ? in Kent and Medway
  • Army: ? in Kent and Medway

With the exception of the two Artillery Regiments on Thorney Island there are no regular forces stationed within Sussex, however there will be a considerable number of individuals from Sussex who have joined the regular forces, who will return home on leave and may require access to NHS services. There will also be a number of individuals who will have settled their families in the county, but will still be serving in units outside of Sussex, who when returning home on leave may require access to NHS services.

The families of these individuals will come under the NHS for their medical needs, although the individuals' unit should look after both the individual and their family's welfare needs. However, those families living away from the unit home base tend to turn to the to local authority for assistance, and the unit will link them in appropriately. Not all will be living in private housing, so there will be a mix of social housing and some living with family.

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    Regular Reservists
    Individuals with former service living within the community.

Individuals with former service living within the community.